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  • Complexity: 5.00
  • Version: 1.2.0 (See changelog)
  • Features:

    • CDN
  • Description:

    The JHipster open source project generator primarily helps the user create and configure web applications (Angular, React) and microservices (Spring Boot). In addition, with some tools (eg Webpack) it also supports development and release of code. Some parameters can be specified before the project is generated. The Desktop version allows you to apply default settings. These parameters are stored in the ".yo-rc" file in the project directory, and JHipster builds the project structure accordingly and configures the completed project. The Serve process opens in a new window. It translates and opens a project under construction in a browser and re-translates it in the event of a change, speeding up development. You can access the running project at http: // localhost: 8080 in your browser. Release Build process compiles, compresses, optimizes and places the ready, production ready source files in the "dist" directory.
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