HTML5 Boilerplate


Score: 5
  • Easy to use, works fine. It's really useful generator for frontend development

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  • Complexity: 1.20
  • Version: 1.1.0 (See changelog)
  • Features:

    • sass
  • Description:

    HTML5 Boilerplate is a widespread open source, responsive front-end file structure that provides the foundation for a new project. The generator uses this to create a project structure that can start the development. In addition, with some tools (such as Webpack), it also helps in the development and also performs the creation of the finished code (release) with one click. The process of project generation No parameters are required for this generator. The generator copies the project files to the directory of the new project and installs the dependencies with the "npm install" command. Serve process The process opens in a new window. It translates and opens the project under development in a browser and translates it in case of change, thus accelerating the development. Browser must have access to the running project at http: // localhost: 8080.
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